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Increase you revenue in PPC

This is the group created under najar2008, which helps all the affilate to increase there revenue through different means and medians. Hope you all will love to work under this circle. It is not the vast task. It is one of the simple way to promote your page and generate money through different affilates programmes related to PPC that is payment per click.
Procedure to work:

1) You need to submit your web page to
2) After You send the page, your page will be added to
3) After your page is added you, just need to view all the pages of important links with proof in every 7 days.(that is you need to
send the link of latest posting to
4) Second duty for you is that you need to click on the ads (related to PPC) with proof in every 14 days.( that is you need to send the link of that ads to
Terms and conditoins:-
If you won't perform your task for 1 week then your link will be automatically deleted from the list and you should start the procedure from the beginning.